Colorado Tesla Buyers Get $42,000 Tax Credit

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To encourage residents to buy cars with less emissions, Colorado is offering huge tax credits on such vehicles. The biggest winner is the Tesla Roadster, which comes with a $42,000 credit. How cheap is it after the rebate?

The final price, after the tax credit, is a relatively low $67,800 (relative to the 110K starting price). This coincides with the VIP opening of a Tesla dealership in Boulder — and by VIP we mean Elon Musk's brother. Get them while they're hot. (Hat tip to goatrope!)


[Fox News]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Wait just a damned minute. I thought the whole point of Boulder was to house all the people who could AFFORD to be environmentally conscious and look down their noses at everyone. And now they're subsidizing that?

Subsidies need to be implemented in places that wouldn't already buy these cars. #tesla