Torque TV Head 2 Head: Super Snake Mustang GT500 Versus NuFormz Challenger SRT8

The war between Detroit's muscle car threesome »9/30/08 6:20pm9/30/08 6:20pm may have just begun, but as you can see in this newest episode of 's Head-2-Head series, it's already a shooting war. Like we saw in the , this face-off pits a 725 HP Mustang GT500 against a 725 HP Challenger SRT8 in a good ol' tire-smokin' fossil-fuel-burnin' good time.…

Torque TV Pits GS Motorsports Dodge Challenger SRT8 Against Kenne Bell Shelby Mustang GT500

This clip shows a race (well, the first half anyway) between two steroid-injected versions of Detroit's muscle car threesome »9/11/08 10:30pm9/11/08 10:30pm, a tuned by GS Motorsports against a Shelby Mustang GT500 tuned by Kenne Bell. Apparently it's one of many "bitter rivalries" from the upcoming second season of "Head 2 Head" on (we're told…

World's Only 1967 GT500 Super Snake Could Be Yours... For $3 Million

With all this Barrett-Jackson brouhaha around here, we mustn't forget that there are other places to spend torrents of money on a vintage car. Say, on eBay Motors, where $3,000,000 will buy you the only GT500 Super Snake that Carroll Shelby ever made. You get the 520-horse 427, the rights to the website »1/21/08 1:00pm1/21/08 1:00pm

Snake-Spotting: 725 HP Shelby GT500 Super Snake Slithers Out Into The Open!

The site that's all about the Evolution of the Mustang just whispered with forked tongues into our ears about some shots of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake which seem to have slipped out onto the internet. Carroll's costly upgrade to his already up-powered pony car was spotted as it gets ready to head out to the… »6/15/07 7:15am6/15/07 7:15am

The 725 HP Shelby GT500 Super Snake Can Be Yours For Just $72,000!

According to the folks at the site who always have the scoop on the next evolution of the Mustang, you'll have to fork over some serious dough to make your GT500 slither. They've somehow managed to get pricing from the folks at Shelby on the Super Snake GT500 package that we've been told is capable of making your… »6/05/07 8:30am6/05/07 8:30am

Super Snake: Shelby To Create Bigger 'Stang With Longer Fangs and 725 Hp?

Maybe not having the Ford GT's giving FoMoCo a bit of an empty stable complex. It's the only reason we can come up with for this ever-expanding need to expand the Mustang's horsepower and speed. Not that we mind, we're just trying to figure out the reasons why. Maybe there's no need to determine a why when it comes to… »4/30/07 11:30am4/30/07 11:30am