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The site that's all about the Evolution of the Mustang just whispered with forked tongues into our ears about some shots of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake which seem to have slipped out onto the internet. Carroll's costly upgrade to his already up-powered pony car was spotted as it gets ready to head out to the Mid-America Ford Performance and Shelby Meet in Tulsa, OK this weekend. If you'll remember, this pricey piece of pumped-up solid-rear-axled snake meat may wrap itself around your wallet like a boa, but it'll give your GT500 a boost to either 600 or 725 HP depending on which package you choose. If anyone gets a chance to snap some more shots in Tulsa this weekend, feel free to send them our way, just don't complain to us if you also come home bitten by this crimson cobra commander.

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