Is Shelby's GTS Mustang a secret surprise?

Shelby's New York Auto Show dance card includes the previously announced Super Snake, but now we're also hearing dropped hints about a mystery model that Mustangs Daily suspect will be the Shelby GTS, a less-expensive upgrade slotted below the GT350.


Although Shelby won't make any official announcements until Thursday, we're told Mustangs Daily fully expects the new model to be the GTS Mustang. We're told to expect the package will

"be based on either the Mustang GT or V6 and cost just $9,000 to $12,000. Items like a new hood, front and rear fascia, Baer brakes, handling package and Borla exhaust system would come standard, with items like a supercharger system (Whipple for the GT and ProCharger for the V6), watts-link, Goodyear tires, custom interior and more would be available as options."

We've put in an email to Shelby PR and anxiously await word of whether or not the Daily site all about 'Stangs is correct.

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