Torque TV Pits GS Motorsports Dodge Challenger SRT8 Against Kenne Bell Shelby Mustang GT500

This clip shows a race (well, the first half anyway) between two steroid-injected versions of Detroit's muscle car threesome, a Dodge Challenger SRT8 tuned by GS Motorsports against a Shelby Mustang GT500 tuned by Kenne Bell. Apparently it's one of many "bitter rivalries" from the upcoming second season of "Head 2 Head" on Torque TV (we're told it'll air starting September 25th). Others include races pitting the WRX vs an Evo and a GT-R vs a 911. If you're watching the above clip, and you're curious as to the difference between Torque TV and Speed TV, Torque TV has a woman in a tight-fitting top dropping her arms at the tree, while Speed TV relies on a bald guy wearing the same black t-shirt. Sure, it's fun to watch a girl jump up and down while excitedly thinking about making her S.A.G. check, but many gearheads may find these matchups kind of predictable. Let's one-up help Torque TV out and let them know what other head-to-head matchups we'd prefer. Corvette ZR1 vs Bugatti Veyron, anyone? []


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Rob Emslie

1. I'd like to see the Tesla go up against a Lotus Exige. Not in a drag, but wheel to wheel around the track.

2. Mini-skirted hot chicks trump bald dudes everywhere outside of the Die Hard movies.

3. That's Willow Springs, which is a kick-ass race track. They're heading down the front straight, which has a pretty good elevation change from turn nine back to one: