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We've just received word the "test lift" of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in Tulsa, Oklahoma went just peachy. And by peachy we mean they were able to lift the car using a humongous 120-ton crane/strap setup and it didn't fall apart. Actually Tulsarama (don't ask) chairwoman Sharon King Davis said she feels "much better" about the condition of the car. Of course, after sitting in a buried vault in a pool of rust-colored water for 50 years the fact it didn't immediately disintegrate is probably cause for celebration. But check out that tailfin there above and in the gallery below β€” what do we think β€” is it mud and grime on the vacuum-sealed car-covering, or is that a thin veneer of rust? We'll find out at either noon when the Belvedere's pulled from the vault or at 7:00 PM tonight when Mr. Belvedere loses his soggy wet condom-like protection. We're on pins and needles. [Hat tip to Michael!]

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