Watch The Documentary On Air Pollution That China Just Banned

It's no secret that the air quality in China is pretty awful — anyone in China can see and feel the highly polluted air pretty much anytime. But the Chinese government would rather you didn't notice, which is why they've blocked access to the popular documentary Under the Dome. But you can still watch it, right here. » 3/10/15 1:42pm 3/10/15 1:42pm

What Will Happen When All Paris Traffic Slows To 19 Miles Per Hour?

Sixty percent vehicles in Paris run on diesel, and the city is struggling to curb emissions—banning half its cars for a day, making public transport and bike shares free for a weekend, and pedestrianizing large swathes of the urban grid. Now, a new proposal by Mayor Anne Hidalgo will cap the speed limit at 30… » 5/27/14 7:12pm 5/27/14 7:12pm

Rules of the Road: Understanding Emissions Laws

It's probably safe to assume by looking at the writing staff and reading the comments from this site that more than a few Jalopniks are driving some slightly used vehicles of various vintages in various forms of disrepair. It's in this spirit that we take a deeper look at how emissions laws work, why the exist and… » 11/30/07 2:45pm 11/30/07 2:45pm

California Driving Tax Bill AB616 Moves to Senate

A bill requiring annual smog inspections for vehicles over fifteen years old is moving onto the California state senate. AB616 also contains a provision for additional money generated by the previously bi-annual inspections to be deposited into an account. The funds in this account would then be used in part to scrap… » 8/16/07 3:00pm 8/16/07 3:00pm

Beijing: A Million Cars Must Go Away Next Month

With air pollution over Beijing at lung-charringly horrible levels, the Chinese government has decided to take action to reduce vehicle emissions. Smog checks? Punitive taxes on older vehicles? Nope, they're going to take a million cars off the streets of Beijing... somehow. No details yet, but we can assume that the… » 7/05/07 6:00pm 7/05/07 6:00pm