California Driving Tax Bill AB616 Moves to Senate

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A bill requiring annual smog inspections for vehicles over fifteen years old is moving onto the California state senate. AB616 also contains a provision for additional money generated by the previously bi-annual inspections to be deposited into an account. The funds in this account would then be used in part to scrap older cars. If these funds have anything to do with the voluntary accelerated vehicle retirement program then this bill is truly insidious. In essence California would be making citizens pay for pollution created by those who can purchase a pollution credit for each old car taken off the road. For more information on the bill and how to keep your classic rolling, head on over to the SEMA Action Network. [Urgent Legislative Alert via SEMA Action Network]


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I'm in Ontario, Canada. While I don't enjoy having to get my car

emissions tested, when I see the rising asthma rates and when I see the

brown haze over Toronto on smog days, I believe that emissions testing

is totally worthwhile.

I also have asthma. It's not fun. I also have kids. I don't want them getting asthma.

While I like old and classic cars as much as anyone, these cars should not be used as daily drivers.

And while old cars may have not been designed to pass emissions, it is

technically possible. For example, in Germany, they have catalytic

converter retrofit kits so that old Trabants can pass German emissions

standards. If they can do it for an old 2-stroke Trabant, then they can

do it for just about any car built after 1950.