Ten Reasons Why The Sale Of The Nürburgring Could Be Awesome

First off, let me state that I am a huge supporter of the Save the Ring movement. I agree 100% with Mike Frison that things have been completely mismanaged by the German regional government as well as by the most recent management. That being said, I don't believe that things are as necessarily as gloomy as we keep… » 3/08/14 12:00pm 3/08/14 12:00pm

Many, Many People Show Up To Try To Save The Nürburgring

Despite the ridiculous fights and claims that fly back and forth from automakers regarding the track, the Nürburgring is in dire straits. Operating in bankruptcy since mid-May, it's been put up for sale and its future is uncertain. Lucky for us, then, a great big group of people have shown up to try to save it. » 12/21/13 10:08am 12/21/13 10:08am