Save The Nürburgring Update: Still Unsaved

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Despite the pleas of enthusiasts and Sabine Schmitz, efforts to Save The Nürburgring are still being hampered by a half-billion Euro ghost town — and a faulty rollercoaster. [Axis of Oversteer]


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You may hate me for saying this, But:

It's time to find a new place to beat the hell out of cars trying to make the best in the world.

I know of some stretches of Texas Hill country that are just about a bad as Nurburgring, the weather is a bit more forgiving but can be downright evil at time, It's plenty far from anyone who may complain about the noise, and it the HILL Country not the flat lands. It may not be on the side of mountain but it'll be like trying to run a roller coaster all the same.

That's just Texas. I'm sure there are places all over the US and Canada, to name a few for something like that.