Which Automaker Should Step In And Save The Nurburgring?

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As we reported yesterday, it was revealed that the Nurburgring, which has been in financial trouble for quite a long time, is going to have to enter bankruptcy proceedings. Ill advised investments in a large shopping complex and a dangerous roller coaster are the culprits for the precarious situation.


But maybe somebody can step in and be a savior?

While the state does not want to be involved, a post from The Sports Car Guys led us to thinking that maybe an automaker would be the best way to save this historic track.

They are suggesting that Porsche step up and buy the circuit. It's an interesting idea, as Porsche has a long history with the track and they could dip into Volkswagen's coffers to get the money. But Porsche also has its own proving ground and recently purchased the Nardo track in Italy.

And even though that is a good choice, we just can't see Porsche being interested. Besides, we think another car company might be better suited for the job: General Motors.


Think about it for a second. There is no company right now that uses the Nurburgring more prominently in advertising for new cars than GM. Nearly every car GM makes, from the Regal to the Corvette and the Astra to the Camaro, has seen time on the track. Ring times are even spoken about in marketing materials like they mean something.

GM has their own proving grounds in Michigan, but a permanent setup outside the Ring makes a lot of sense.


If the Ring is saved, who should step in? GM? Porsche? Someone else?

Photo Credit: TIM_BiG via flickr

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