Illustration for article titled Bernie Ecclestone Might Actually Have A Heart, Doesnt Want Nürburgring To Die

The famous, inimitable, and dangerous Nürburgring is in a heap of financial trouble and looks to be entering bankruptcy.


But someone unexpected is trying to help.

In a change of heart from his typically cold, uncaring, and ruthless self, F1 supremo and billionaire muppet Bernie Ecclestone has declared that he will 'do everything' to help the Nurburgring.

Typically, the fees for holding a Formula 1 race at your track are out of this world expensive. For 2013, Ecclestone has offered to waive the sanctioning fee for the track but will also be taking 100% of the revenue.

Ok, so his version of "doing everything" doesn't involve an injection of capital, but it also doesn't line his coffers as much as races past. It's a step in the right direction.


And who knows, maybe Ecclestone would consider purchasing and saving the track?


Photo Credit: Ryan Bayona via flickr

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