The Most Dominant Win--Roger Penske Reflects On The 1994 Indy 500​

Two Indy 500s stand out over the past 20 years for the utter dominance displayed by the winner. Most recently, it was Juan Pablo Montoya and the Target Chip Ganassi Racing team in 2000 where, with nearly identical cars, the young Colombian and the ace TCGR outfit dipped in from CART and flexed their muscles over the… » 5/25/14 7:32am 5/25/14 7:32am

Owner Of And IndyCar Team Busted For Breaking Into Yacht…

Detroit mogul, race team owner, and billionaire Roger Penske has a squeaky clean, no nonsense, business first image. » 8/09/12 11:44am 8/09/12 11:44am

Should NASCAR Reveal The Results Of Positive Drug Tests?

Yesterday evening, NASCAR revealed that Penske Racing driver A.J. Allmendinger is now indefinitely suspended from competition after he tested positive for a banned substance. » 7/25/12 10:00am 7/25/12 10:00am

A NASCAR Driver May Have Been Suspended Because Of An Energy Drink

As we told you on Monday, NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver AJ Allmendinger was temporarily suspended from competition after he failed a mandatory drug test before Saturday's Coke Zero 400 in Daytona. » 7/13/12 3:20pm 7/13/12 3:20pm

Saturn Eulogy Redux: Some Plastic Is Not Recyclable

Now that Saturn is officially, truly dead, we thought we'd reflect on the history of a GM division that tried, with varying degrees of earnestness, to be a different kind of car company. Luckily, we've done that once already. » 9/30/09 6:00pm 9/30/09 6:00pm

BREAKING: GM To Kill Saturn

GM has just announced plans to "wind down the Saturn brand" — effectively killing it after Penske Automotive announced plans to terminate its discussions with GM to buy the Saturn brand. » 9/30/09 4:20pm 9/30/09 4:20pm

REPORT: Roger Penske Meets With Brad Kesolowski Today

We're told the hottest up-and-coming Sprint Cup free agent is Brad Kesolowski. Nobody knows where he'll end up, but speculation's focused on Roger Penske's #12 car. Today, an anonymous tipster spotted Kesolowski meeting with Penske. Full report below. » 8/17/09 7:12pm 8/17/09 7:12pm

Penske Officially Buying Saturn From GM

GM will officially be selling the Saturn brand to Roger Penske for an unknown sum. GM will continue building Saturns on contract with Penske for them to distribute through Saturn's current dealer network. Full press release below. » 6/05/09 10:45am 6/05/09 10:45am

REPORT: GM Reaches Deal Selling Saturn To Penske

GM's apparently agreed to sell Saturn to Jalopnik's favorite Detroit-loving, mega-dealer-owning, truck-renting and smart-car-selling Roger Penske, with a deal expected to be announced today. So we guess this means there's now a fourth "U.S." automaker in Detroit. [NYT Dealbook] » 6/05/09 8:00am 6/05/09 8:00am

Five Questions For Today's Detroit Grand Prix IndyCar Race

We're up and runnin' today from the Corvette chalet here in the middle of the Detroit River to finish off our Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix coverage with some hot IndyCar racing action. So whether you're coming to the race today, watching it on ABC at 3:30 or reading our live-blog here (hint-hint) here's five… » 9/02/07 9:53am 9/02/07 9:53am

Spoiler Alert! Penske Racing's Romain Dumas Wins In Last Second Stunner!

The home town boy's team made it happen when it counted here at the Detroit Grand Prix — at the very last second. On the 106th lap, Romain Dumas took his Porsche RS Spyder to the checkered flag here on Belle Isle, propelling Penske Racing to the win, and making Detroit native and Penske Racing owner, Roger Penske, a… » 9/01/07 6:15pm 9/01/07 6:15pm

GM to snag a 50% stake in VM Motori S.pA., the Italian diesel engine maker owned by Bloomfield Hills, MI-based Penske Corp. So that's where they'll be getting those diesel engines from, eh? [Detroit News] » 7/16/07 9:15pm 7/16/07 9:15pm

Roger Penske Is Indy: Racing God Looks To Lure IRL To Detroit

Roger Penske, former auto racer turned entrepreneur turned yellow truck, is looking at drawing an auto racing event (preferrably a bit of IRL action) to downtown Detroit's water wonderland, Belle Isle. The motor city, as the name implies, has a pretty impressive racing heritage — Detroit's Grand Prix started in 1982,… » 7/31/06 3:45pm 7/31/06 3:45pm