Road-Raging Truck Spins Car, Flies Off Road Into Dealership Of More Cars

Yesterday morning, a driver in Fontana captured an insane accident on his dashcam as an out of control truck struck another car, sending the car into a spin and the truck flying over an embankment, landing in a car dealership lot. The driver who got the video thinks it may be a road rage-related incident. Yikes. »10/15/15 10:05pm10/15/15 10:05pm

Mustang Driver Shoots Corvette Driver For Driving Too Slowly

Seeing a fast car driving slowly can be irksome. I mean, what’s the point of doing 55 MPH in a car capable of so much more? Still, even if it makes you roll your eyes, chances are you don’t think it’s a capital offense. There seems to be at least one trigger-happy idiot in a Mustang who disagrees, since he reportedly… »10/14/15 2:33pm10/14/15 2:33pm

Here's the Physics Behind That Insane Chinese Traffic Jam

A few days ago, a drone captured this eye-popping video of the world’s worst traffic jam on the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway. Blame foggy weather if you like, but physics says it all comes down to a question of density — namely, an unusually high number of people returning to Beijing after a week-long holiday… »10/09/15 5:59pm10/09/15 5:59pm

Floridian Road-Raging Moron Shoots Self In Leg With Own Gun

Tell the truth: if you were a Floridian with a Mercedes, a handgun, and an assault rifle in your car, what would you most like to do with your time? Drive like a dick and terrorize families in other cars? Of course! How about shooting yourself in the leg? Why not — according to NBC-2 in Florida, this guy did! »9/19/15 9:08am9/19/15 9:08am

Road Raging Taxi Driver Jump Kicks Fellow Motorist Through Open Window

While the stereotype of taxi drivers around the world is one thing, taxi drivers in Thailand can seem a special type of crazy. That craziness is certainly on display in what is reportedly a photo of a taxi driver in Bangkok swinging out his open window to kick a passing motorist through his open window. »8/15/15 9:00am8/15/15 9:00am

Motorcyclist Forced To Take Down This Road Raging Vigilante

Reports are coming out of Yuma, Arizona that a motorcycle rider may have cut off this motorist, who then worked up enough anger to attack the rider and his passenger at a stoplight. Violence escalated to the point where the biker put the road rager on the ground and hold him there, all of which was captured on his… »7/14/15 5:45pm7/14/15 5:45pm

Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck

The lesson here? You don’t always have to be a dick. Sometimes, you just need to shrug off stupid shit and move on. The alternative can often end up like this, where one initial bad move by that Camaro got compounded into a three-way wreck, taking down an innocent trucker just doing their job. So what happened here? »4/27/15 2:43pm4/27/15 2:43pm

This Is Why You Don't Road Rage On Two Wheels

When riding a motorcycle, its normally assumed that you are invisible to every other driver on the road and a grain of salt must be taken when your path is violated. This biker just couldn't let it drop when his lane was breached by a white sedan and he paid the most hilarious and idiotic price. »3/15/15 3:06pm3/15/15 3:06pm

Vegas Mother Hunted Road Rage Driver Before Fatal Shooting

Las Vegas police have revealed a new layer in the death of Tammy Meyers, who died Saturday after being shot inside her car in front of her house following a driving lesson with her teenage daughter. Meyers' family initially told police that the driver of another vehicle followed them home after avoiding an accident,… »2/18/15 8:58am2/18/15 8:58am

Here’s How To Deal With Someone Parking In Front of Your Driveway

I recently had an epiphany. Not a small epiphany, either, like the kind you get when you think there's no food in the house, and you're about to start eating notebook paper, and then you discover a lone bag of popcorn in the back of your pantry. I mean a real epiphany, like when you realize there's an eye in the… »1/15/15 3:30pm1/15/15 3:30pm