Floridian Road-Raging Moron Shoots Self In Leg With Own Gun

Tell the truth: if you were a Floridian with a Mercedes, a handgun, and an assault rifle in your car, what would you most like to do with your time? Drive like a dick and terrorize families in other cars? Of course! How about shooting yourself in the leg? Why not — according to NBC-2 in Florida, this guy did! »9/19/15 9:08am9/19/15 9:08am

Road Raging Taxi Driver Jump Kicks Fellow Motorist Through Open Window

While the stereotype of taxi drivers around the world is one thing, taxi drivers in Thailand can seem a special type of crazy. That craziness is certainly on display in what is reportedly a photo of a taxi driver in Bangkok swinging out his open window to kick a passing motorist through his open window. »8/15/15 9:00am8/15/15 9:00am

Motorcyclist Forced To Take Down This Road Raging Vigilante

Reports are coming out of Yuma, Arizona that a motorcycle rider may have cut off this motorist, who then worked up enough anger to attack the rider and his passenger at a stoplight. Violence escalated to the point where the biker put the road rager on the ground and hold him there, all of which was captured on his… »7/14/15 5:45pm7/14/15 5:45pm

Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck

The lesson here? You don’t always have to be a dick. Sometimes, you just need to shrug off stupid shit and move on. The alternative can often end up like this, where one initial bad move by that Camaro got compounded into a three-way wreck, taking down an innocent trucker just doing their job. So what happened here? »4/27/15 2:43pm4/27/15 2:43pm

This Is Why You Don't Road Rage On Two Wheels

When riding a motorcycle, its normally assumed that you are invisible to every other driver on the road and a grain of salt must be taken when your path is violated. This biker just couldn't let it drop when his lane was breached by a white sedan and he paid the most hilarious and idiotic price. »3/15/15 3:06pm3/15/15 3:06pm

Vegas Mother Hunted Road Rage Driver Before Fatal Shooting

Las Vegas police have revealed a new layer in the death of Tammy Meyers, who died Saturday after being shot inside her car in front of her house following a driving lesson with her teenage daughter. Meyers' family initially told police that the driver of another vehicle followed them home after avoiding an accident,… »2/18/15 8:58am2/18/15 8:58am

Here’s How To Deal With Someone Parking In Front of Your Driveway

I recently had an epiphany. Not a small epiphany, either, like the kind you get when you think there's no food in the house, and you're about to start eating notebook paper, and then you discover a lone bag of popcorn in the back of your pantry. I mean a real epiphany, like when you realize there's an eye in the… »1/15/15 3:30pm1/15/15 3:30pm

Smash A Bus Driver's Windows And He Will Destroy Everything

I'm not entirely sure what led to this argument, but then again, I'm not sure it matters. Because for this bus driver, the finish is everything. He's like a beautiful gymnast of confrontation, once his windows get smashed, he just gets out of there without a care for what's in his way. A stunning pirouette of revenge… »12/24/14 6:30pm12/24/14 6:30pm

Crazy California Road Rage Sounds Just Like Horror Movie

Who knows what small, demonic representations of Mephistopheles dance through the heads of the crazed, to the point where they began to claim they're a cop and try to run two victims off the road, but when those two victims are two girls from California, the result is a twisted vision of a 1990's horror movie. »12/23/14 12:23pm12/23/14 12:23pm

Watch This Crappy Mall Parking Lot Fight Turn Into Insane Road Rage

You're driving through the mall parking lot, looking for a spot, when you come across a tense standoff. Someone's taken a parking spot that a guy in a crappy little hatchback believes to be his, and an argument ensues. We've all seen it a thousand times. Until the guy turns his little hatchback into a multi-thousand… »11/07/14 10:30am11/07/14 10:30am