See what I mean about the teeny tiny mouth? It’s weird, right?

It’s unclear from the video which vehicle made contact with which vehicle. What we do know is the racist driver hit a retaining wall of karma on an exit, and that is incredibly satisfying to watch. The passenger taking video of the incident also managed to get a few frames of the license plate. Twitter sleuths think they know who the driver is, but nothing has been confirmed as to the identities of either party.


It’s really dangerous out there on the road — you never know what kind of crazy you’ll encounter when a road rage driver tries to engage you. A new study from a nonprofit in California found road rage incidents. Earlier this month, police in the Bay area found more than 40 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition in a road rage suspect’s home, according to the San Francisco Gate. A 12-year-old was shot during a road rage incident in September of last year.

It’s better to be the cooler head, back off, and attempt to contact law enforcement to meet you in a secure place. Or drive to the nearest police station.