It's Hard To Look Tough When You Road Rage On A Scooter

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Screenshot: ABC 7 Denver (YouTube)

A group of middle-aged people riding scooters and bicycles in Denver, Colorado went full-on road rage on each other over who knows what, and video of the incident that’s as comical as it is depressing made its way onto local news. It looks like we’re getting a preview of a future South Park episode.

The ABC 7 Denver broadcast itself is actually pretty funny in its own right; the overly dramatic introduction and cheesy quips are delightfully Cliché Local News. But I have to agree with the anchor’s comment at the end–the altercation is, uh, “not a good look for anybody.”


And yet, here I am giggling about it and sharing it with you. It’s just, come on, the pink bike and pastel green scooter plus adults in cargo shorts hurling themselves at each other just makes the dumbness of street brawling with strangers look even dumber. It’s our obligation as a society to publicly shame this kind of behavior.

Police in Denver are reportedly looking into the incident, but the existence of this now-spread video is probably punishment enough. Let’s all take the advice of the random person on the street that ABC interviewed and “...chill out, take a deep breath.”

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$5 the cyclists are at fault. Cyclists usually believe rules do not apply to them.

*Flame suit on.