2016 Range Rover Sport HST Is A High-Performance... Base Model?

For the handful people unsatisfied with the Range Rover Sport's base engine but too poor for the 550-horse Supercharged monster, Land Rover brings you the 2016 Range Rover Sport HST with a V6 boosted to 380 horsepower and black trim. » 3/24/15 9:05pm 3/24/15 9:05pm

SVO's Range Rover Sport SVR Is All About The Loud Button

The Range Rover Sport SVR costs $110,475. For that, you get a supercharged V8 with 550 horsepower and 502 pound feet of torque, but no fog lights exactly for the same reason. And there's more. » 3/19/15 8:20pm 3/19/15 8:20pm

2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Is A French Kiss After A Face Slap

Well of course I get weirdly aroused by a beautiful automobile, just like any other red blooded bastard. But the 2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged is the first thing I've driven in a long time that I'm pretty sure is going to get me arrested one way or another. » 1/21/15 12:49pm 1/21/15 12:49pm

(Update) Awesome Land Rover Defenders Spotted On Set Of Bond Movie

As Land Rover slowly, expensively, and by some measure dramatically puts an end to its historic Defender model, bad guys around the World will have to look elsewhere for a decent, rugged, tough, go-anywhere, kill-anything, on-and-off-roader. They'll have to do so sooner than later, as photos of the latest shoot from… » 1/10/15 10:01am 1/10/15 10:01am

2015 Range Rover's Off-Road Cruise Control Makes Any Idiot A Hero Driver

The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are the first vehicles ever to feature full-fledged off-road "cruise control." The new All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) system will do everything but steer through the roughest stuff you can drive. » 11/13/14 2:28pm 11/13/14 2:28pm

The Overfinch Range Rover Sport Is Your Bespoke SVR With 552 Horses

There are a few companies out there specializing in Range Rover customization, but Overfinch is probably the most famous one. Their latest car is limited to 100 units and beats Land Rover's own über Range Rover by 2 horsepower. » 7/03/14 10:28am 7/03/14 10:28am

Brabus Kit Tries To Turn Range Rover Sport Into Very Large Hot Hatch

Loud and proud luxury tuner Brabus has a new widebody kit for the 2014 Range Rover Sport through their subsidiary STARTECH, which drops and stretches the SUV into a performance hatchback look. I dare say, I think they're pulling it off. » 2/26/14 10:21am 2/26/14 10:21am

Range Rover Sport Goes Where No Cars Have Gone Before

Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter is one of the most desolate places on the entire Earth. It's a place locals say not to go since you'll, y'know, die. Good luck Range Rover. » 12/11/13 2:40pm 12/11/13 2:40pm

New Range Rover Sport Races Spitfire In Battle For British Supremacy

We've seen cars race planes on runways like a bazillion times. Have we seen an SUV race a plane on a grass runway? Yes. Now we have. » 7/08/13 10:41am 7/08/13 10:41am

A Fictional Letter From Land Rover To Its Fans

Hi, we're Land Rover. You might remember us as the hard ass SUV company that the Queen used to give accolades about, for it's rugged design and capability. You might also remember us for our abilities in the UK Service, as well as on hunting exhibitions the world over. Perhaps you'll remember that Princess Diana had… » 3/13/13 5:00pm 3/13/13 5:00pm

2010 Range Rover Sport: 510 HP, Jeeves!

Is it just us, or is the 2010 Range Rover Sport starting to look awfully dated? We guess 510 HP helps make up for the limited space, but we're waiting for the Land Rover LRX. » 4/08/09 12:44pm 4/08/09 12:44pm

2010 Range Rover Sport Gets 510 HP Supercharged V8

What's more ridiculous than a sport-oriented SUV? How about a 510 HP 2010 Range Rover Sport? It gets the new 5.0-liter supercharged V8 from the 2010 Jaguar XFR. When did Range Rover become a pussycat? » 4/08/09 8:45am 4/08/09 8:45am

LSE Design To Premiere Range Rover Sport Coupe At SEMA

UK-based LSE Design » 10/31/08 4:00pm 10/31/08 4:00pm is planning to debut their Coupe at next week's show in Vegas. For only a quarter-million dollars, you too can get your very own Range Rover sans the two plebe doors tacked onto the back. Of course, the LSE Coupe is also outfitted with the typical Range Rover tuner mods — huge wheels, low-profile…

Spiky-Haired Self-Promoter To Destroy Range Rover Sport

If there's anything that gets our goat, it's self-congratulating, self-aggrandizing newly green sensationalists pulling stunts to get people to fawn all over how awesome they are. Enter Ryan Mickle, a guy who purchased a 2006 Range Rover Sport, one of the most lavish and wasteful SUVs on the market, while enormous tax… » 7/25/08 1:00pm 7/25/08 1:00pm

$500,000 Range Stormer Replica For Sale, Perfect For When You Ain't…

Range Rover Sport too dull for you? Too many doors? Not in line with your posh Dubai lifestyle? Need something to comb the desert in? Good news friend, West Coast Customs Dubai is reproducing the Range Stormer concept in street legal form. Better news is there's one on sale at Alwan's used cars for a cool $500,000. It… » 6/04/08 3:40pm 6/04/08 3:40pm

2009 Range Rover Sport Facelift?

At first glance, this may appear to be just another box-on-wheels Range Rover, but this is actually supposed to be the 2009 Range Rover Sport. Look closely and you'll notice the front end has been subtly reshaped to feel a bit more like the recent Land Rover LRX Concept. Yawn. So they re-drew a few lines, what's the… » 5/06/08 8:30am 5/06/08 8:30am

Limited! Edition! 2008 Range Rover Sport LE!

For those who want their supercharged SUV with a few tablespoons more luuuuuxury, Range Rover says peep the LE. Only 250 of the tweaked models will make the rounds, each with "flush-fitting front and rear bumpers," an extended rear roof spoiler, body-colored lower side panels, a new rear exhaust treatment, tread… » 8/13/07 12:30pm 8/13/07 12:30pm

Going One Better: Arden Further Tunes the Range Rover Sport

It seems like only last year that German tuning house Arden released a kit for the Range Rover Sport. Back then, the numbers were impressive (480hp and 472 lbs-ft). But nowadays we hit the snooze button for anything with less than 500 ponies. So Arden went back to Untergath and returned with the AR6, a Range Rover… » 9/19/06 3:00am 9/19/06 3:00am