Chinese Driver Crashes In Giant Failed Loop-the-Loop Attempt

Any kid who had Hot Wheels or Matchbox car tracks as a kid knows that cars only make it safely through the loop-the-loop about one time out of ten. Definitely worth yelling for your brother to show him when it happens, then never being able to duplicate it. Sadly, the promoters of this Proton/Lotus driving exhibition… »5/08/12 12:30pm5/08/12 12:30pm

Proton R3 Satria Mixes Malaysian Style With Lotus Tuning For Aussie Buyers

In addition to building a car for the Islamic world, Malaysian car company Proton also builds a number of cars for the Australian market, including the popular Satria GTi. As a way of previewing the next GTi, Proton will be showing off the R3 Satria, which was tuned with the help of Proton's motorsports arm. If you're… »2/18/08 12:45pm2/18/08 12:45pm

Inside Line Questions the New Europa's Blackness, Er, Lotusness

What happens when Lotus develops a Proton exotic and then has it handed back to itself? The answer, unfortunately, is not Tesla. Nor is it Exige. Or Elise. Or even submarine Esprit. If the Inside Line-types ensconced in the Edmunds compound are to be believed, the new Europa S fits into a no-man's land that isn't… »10/17/06 9:00am10/17/06 9:00am

Simplicate, Add Lightness, Save Money, Get Comfy: New Lotus Seats

The 2006 Lotus Elise and Exige feature a new seat design that saves weight, corrects posture and costs less than earlier designs. ProBax, a concept patented by a prostheticist, worked with Colin Chapman's wacky kids to come up with a seat that dispenses with lumbar mechanisms, thus lightening the seat. And you know… »5/19/06 3:06am5/19/06 3:06am