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Proton R3 Satria Mixes Malaysian Style With Lotus Tuning For Aussie Buyers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In addition to building a car for the Islamic world, Malaysian car company Proton also builds a number of cars for the Australian market, including the popular Satria GTi. As a way of previewing the next GTi, Proton will be showing off the R3 Satria, which was tuned with the help of Proton's motorsports arm. If you're not moved by the thought of a Malaysian company's tuners, we'd remind you that they borrow expertise heavily from Proton-owned Lotus. Though details are scarce, it sure looks mean enough to be a successor to the GTi. Press release below the jump.

Proton Gives A Hint To New Hot Hatch With R3 At Melbourne Motor Show

Proton will give Australia a sneak preview of its next generation hot hatch when it unveils the Proton R3 Satria at the Melbourne International Motor Show on February 29.

The R3 Satria has been developed by Proton's special vehicles and motorsport arm - R3, which stands for Race, Rally, and Research - at its headquarters in Shah Alam in Malaysia.

R3 is headed up by former Lotus engineer and prominent Malaysia race driver Tengku Djan Ley. The R3 Satria combines a range of special body enhancements as well as suspension development and a high performance power plant, to give the Satria Neo a true edge in the hot hatch arena.

At this stage the R3 Satria is still in development and no on sale date has been decided however the R3 division is working to bring the performance model to market as soon as possible.

While the type and configuration of the power plant can not be revealed at this stage R3 has targeted a significant power increase over the standard Proton Satria, which is powered by Proton's own Campro 1.6 litre twin cam multi-valve engine.

Alongside the R3 Satria at the Melbourne Motor Show media day will be Proton's new four-door Persona sedan, which will also be launched at the show.

According to Djan Ley the R3 Satria has been developed as a spiritual successor to the legendary Satria GTi, the first Proton to utilise the expertise and performance credentials of subsidiary company Lotus.

"We have very much focussed on the Lotus philosophy of performance through lightweight, utilising intelligent powerplant solutions while minimising weight and enhancing Satria's already impressive handling," said Djan.

"The Satria is a striking design and a great canvas for us to work with, I believe the R3 Satria will be a real hit at the show and draw a lot of attention," he added.

"However it is on the road where it will be really impressive but people will have to wait a little while before the R3 Satria hits the tarmac," he added.

Proton Cars Australia managing director John Startari said the presence of the R3 Satria on the Proton stand at Melbourne will be a huge drawcard during the fortnight of the show.

"The question we get asked all the time is when will the next Satria GTi be here, the first generation GTi carved a real niche for itself and it is a bit of a cult car, the R3 Satria certainly give some pointers to what its successor might look like," said John Startari.

"While we can't reveal too many details at this time Satria GTi enthusiasts can rest easy in the knowledge that a performance version of the new Satria is not too far away and the R3 Satria is evidence of that," he added.

As well as revealing the new Persona and R3 Satria, Proton will also show a full array of its Australian model line-up at Melbourne including the Savvy city car, Gen 2 hatch, Satria Neo and Jumbuck ute, recently named the cleanest and greenest ute in Australia by the Australian government Green Vehicle Guide.


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