Sketches From The Future Of Motoring

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I'm going to try something new here. Occasionally, I have vivid waking dreams of possible futures of cars and our lives with cars. Usually, these happen while I'm driving. But this time, while winching my car out of that ditch, I decided to sketch the vision.


This one seems to be from about 2025. It's a service part from the newly-formed conglomerate Proton-BMW, founded in 2022 when the Malaysian automaking giant bought BMW, ailing from their ill-considered foray into the performance mobility scooter market. The union got BMW back on its feet, and this part is a little taste of some future car tech.

This seems to be an evolution of our current keyless entry systems, but improves on the current pocketable and very lose-able fobs by replacing it with a tasteful dental implant. The selected tooth is extracted, and a handsome white-and-steel replacement is inserted in the socket, with a handy blinking hyper-bright blue LED to let you know when your car is alarmed. One bite opens, two locks, three opens the trunk, and grinding sets off the panic alarm.

Oh and the instructions and warranty come on that little USB drive. You can reuse it, but by then those things will be cheaper than puddles of otter urine.

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If there are still USB ports on computers made within 3 years of 2025 I'll eat my hat.