Chinese Driver Crashes In Giant Failed Loop-the-Loop Attempt

Any kid who had Hot Wheels or Matchbox car tracks as a kid knows that cars only make it safely through the loop-the-loop about one time out of ten. Definitely worth yelling for your brother to show him when it happens, then never being able to duplicate it. Sadly, the promoters of this Proton/Lotus driving exhibition clearly didn't recall their childhoods well enough.

In this video from Hefei, China, the car (badged as a Lotus but really a Proton) makes a good start, but right before the top the car seems to nick the side of the track, and, well, you can see the rest. Happily, driver seems to have lived, despite entirely missing the safety net slung in the middle of the loop.


The best part, though, is the sound of what appears to be one guy clapping when the car wrecks. Jerk.

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