An Aston Martin With A Dinner Table Hanging Under Its Rear End Means Business

The 2016 World Endurance Championship regulations allow for significant aerodynamic changes, including an expanded rear diffuser and splitter, per Fox Sports. If the new Aston Martin Vantage GTE looks like it’s farting out a trumpet, that’s the point. That magic butt trumpet means that this car is even quicker for… »9/12/15 12:39pm9/12/15 12:39pm


2008 Alfa Romeo Brera S Bred Specifically For English Dragons

As if we needed more reasons to love the Alfa Romeo Brera, the gold standard for hatchback hotness, the Italians have teamed with Prodrive to make a British-only S version. The suspension has been adjusted to meet the needs of twisty English roads without adding harshness. Both the 3.2 V6 and 2.2 I4 equipped models… »5/20/08 3:20pm5/20/08 3:20pm

Aston Martin Ownership Machinations: Private Equity Firm Waiting for Prodrive to Blink

We can't help but root for Prodrive's David Richards to wind up with the title to Aston Martin. After all, the Prodrive boss and UK tycoon is a guy who knows his performance cars. Better him than some faceless UK private equity firm like Doughty Hanson, which Forbes says is waiting to snap up Ford's luxe brand if… »3/05/07 7:30am3/05/07 7:30am

In Memoriam: Subaru Offers Hero-Edition Impreza in the UK

When famed rallyist Richard Burns lost a battle with cancer in 2005, two years after a brain tumor ended his WRC career, the Subaru enthusiast community raised millions in his name for cancer research. Now, Subaru is kicking in with a memorial of its own for the once Subaru World Rally Team star. Dubbed the RB320,… »11/22/06 7:22am11/22/06 7:22am

ProDrive's P2 Gets The Top Gear Sub Four Second Treatment

The gents over at BBC Two's bestest automotive show in the British empire had some fun this week driving ProDrive's two-seater named the P2. We saw this little deuce coupe with a kick back in January and if you remember, it's based on the Subaru Impreza STi's engine and four-wheel drive system — with some fun stuff… »6/05/06 8:00am6/05/06 8:00am

Yes, Prodrive Is Building a Limited-Edition Mazda RX8

A few months back, a tipster wrote in about attending an event, during which a Prodrive rep had introduced a plan to offer new, UK-only special-edition RX-8s for Mazda. Now, it's been confirmed. The motorsports firm is slapping its big P on the RX-8 PZ, based on the top-line RX-8. The limited edition model includes a… »5/08/06 4:34pm5/08/06 4:34pm