An Aston Martin With A Dinner Table Hanging Under Its Rear End Means Business

The 2016 World Endurance Championship regulations allow for significant aerodynamic changes, including an expanded rear diffuser and splitter, per Fox Sports. If the new Aston Martin Vantage GTE looks like it’s farting out a trumpet, that’s the point. That magic butt trumpet means that this car is even quicker for 2016.

“The FIA wants to increase the performance gap between GTE and GT3 and by focusing primarily on the underfloor aero, it means the cars still retain the identity of the road car,” Aston Martin Racing technical director Dan Sayers told Fox Sports. “Also the focus on aero, rather than engine or mechanical changes, also means we avoid the need for extensive and costly endurance testing.”


Both the diffuser and rear wing are now allowed to extend 100 mm past the rear of the car, allowing for a magnificent park bench up top and a diffuser underneath that’s bigger than some dinner tables.

The car will be eligible for competition in the WEC as well as in the GTLM class of next year’s IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (currently known as Tudor United SportsCar). Fox Sports reports that is currently undergoing Balance of Performance testing at Ladoux, in France.


The entire Vantage range of race cars has received several updates that increase the number of parts shared between the GTE, GT3 and GT4 cars as well as brought them up to safety.

“We have also taken the opportunity to increase the commonality of parts across the range, taking parts proven in WEC and Le Mans on the GTE and using them in the GT3, and likewise with components from the GT3 for the GT4,” Sayers told Fox Sports. “Not only will this improve our customer cars, but it should also allow us to pass on cost savings too.”


On the GTE, a mandatory roof escape hatch, impact foam on the driver’s door and a new seat have been added to meet 2016 safety regulations. That seat, for example, is shared with the V12 Vantage race car.


Most of the Vantage GTE’s bodywork is new for 2016, and personally, I can’t complain. It looks amazing.

Photo credits: Prodrive

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