Subaru Out Of WRC, Following Suzuki?

Subaru may pull its support from the World Rally Championship for 2009, joining Suzuki as yet another Japanese automaker planing to leave the series.

A report posted on the Finnish MTV3 network's website claims Subaru will no longer compete in the World Rally Championship in 2009. This is big news as Subaru developed much of its following and fan base by successful competing in the series with its iconic blue-and-yellow Imprezas.


If this report is correct, it would build on news earlier today of Suzuki pulling out of the WRC. Unlike Subaru, Suzuki was new to the series and therefore moving away from the series isn't as big of a deal.

Though companies like to have racing teams to show off their engineering prowess, in a bad economy it is sometimes the easiest thing to cut. This may explain why these reports are coming out so regularly. Of course, the WRC is introducing Spec-based rules for the future, but it may be too late for these two teams.

H/T to Osmo for the tip

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