NC Wants Hybrid And Electric Car Owners To Pay A Fee For Efficiency

You'd think electric and hybrid cars said something awful about North Carolina's mom, what with how they want to ban Tesla sales and now this extra fee for hybrid and electric car owners. I don't think the reason is that a Prius suggested that sweet Mrs.Carolina put a Whopper on lay-away, but rather that old favorite… »5/31/13 4:00pm5/31/13 4:00pm

Enterprising North Carolina Tow Truck Drivers Are Taking Cars Across Sandy-Damaged Highway

As cleanup continues, Snor'eastercane Sandy's wrath is still being felt in many locales along the Atlantic coast. On Hatteras Island, North Carolina the hurricane damaged the only bridge on and off the island, and also left parts of the coast weak when a nor'easter hit a week later. »12/05/12 10:30am12/05/12 10:30am