A woman speeding down the highway in North Carolina called 911 while being pursued by the police. She bargained that she would pull over for $300,000.

Thirty-seven-year-old Jennifer Melissa Herring refused to pull over for a police officer on Monday night and led the cop on what ended up being a 15-minute chase. She then called 911 to negotiate. The opening of the 911 call (the full audio is below) shows just how bewildered the 911 operator became.

Brunswick County 911, what's your emergency?

Hi, this is Jenna, I don't have the emergency but the car behind me does.


I'm trying to figure out what that is because I'm driving 45 miles an hour on, I believe its Osprey road.


And I have a contract with you guys and if you want to go ahead and declare a false sense of emergency. It's $300,000 per incident and I wanted to make sure that you guys are willing to pay the fee that you already owe before I pull over.

Ok, I don't know what you're talking about what can I do for you.

I know you don't, I know you don't.

Herring claimed that the pursuing officer was giving "a false sense of emergency," which she claimed warrants a $300,000 fine. Herring's logic was that either the officer could leave her alone, or the department could incur a $300K debt to her. Following that train of thought, she demanded that she would pull over so long as they were willing to pay her the 300 grand. She would not pull over without her money, she screamed.

Herring eventually turned onto a dead-end private road where she came to a stop. Myrtle Beach Online reports that she was arrested for driving while impaired, felony fleeing to elude arrest, driving while license revoked, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center.

Needless to say, she did not get the money.


(Hat tip to Wisdom Floweth From VeeArrrSix's Chin!)

Photo Credit: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office