Stephanie Beasley's house has had the same piece of furniture in her living room for over a month now - the front of a Pontiac Grand Prix.

Beasley's home in Coats, NC is located on the outside of a hairpin in the road called the local "dead man's turn." WRAL News reports that the driver of this beige Pontiac missed the turn at 50 mph back on July 4th, crashing into Beasley's living room with enough force to knock the house off of its foundation.


The car's still there, and until the insurance companies decide what they're doing with the now-condemned house, there it will stay, holding up the wall itself. Stephanie Beasley isn't exactly sure what's taking so long. She told WRAL News, "I don't know. Insurance agencies, they want you to do this; they want you to do that."

Photo Credit: WRAL News