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Watch Welders Use Their Wrenching Skills To Extract A Puppy From An Engine Bay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A welding instructor in Surry County, North Carolina, discovered a dog trapped in the engine bay of a car , so she and one of her students sprung into action, breaking out wrenches on a mission to save the pooch.

According to Fox 8 News, the welding instructor, Robin Haas, was about to be interviewed by the news site to discuss her class aimed at getting women into welding when she stopped by a Walgreens. When she exited the car, Haas heard the unmistakable yelp of a puppy.


That yelp, Haas discovered, came from the engine bay of a nearby car, and grew louder as Haas drew closer. The instructor called up one of her welding students, Caleb Costner, to help with the extraction, and—after unsuccessfully trying to free the dog through the bottom of the car—the two removed the battery and battery box, and yanked the pup from the top out of its oily jail.


The best part of the story is that the puppy, which Haas says was in the engine bay during a 45 minute drive, got an awesome nickname from the students: Excalibur (named after Lincoln Excalibur welding rods). As great as that name is, the student who plans to adopt the dog wants to change it to “Callie,” which I guess is more fitting for something that isn’t a sword or a welding electrode.

So yeah, wrenching: it saves you money, and it saves you puppies. If that’s not enough reason to join the greasy-hands club, I don’t know what is.