STUDY: Each New GM Vehicle Costs Taxpayers $12,200

A study by the obviously pro-government National Taxpayers Union claims each new GM vehicle costs the average taxpayer $12,200. Their bizarre assumptions and our analysis below. » 11/19/09 10:30am 11/19/09 10:30am

So, to quote Pete Sepp of the NTU, "Every time someone in your neighborhood drives home in a shiny new Chevy Silverado, remember that it…

"New" GM Drops Totally Useless Financial Results

The "New" GM released a quarterly "preliminary managerial result" this morning and despite being not in any way comparable with the pre-bankruptcy GM, they're certainly illustrative of the enema-like cleansing effect of bankruptcy. » 11/16/09 8:00am 11/16/09 8:00am

GM To Begin Paying $6.7 Billion In Loans Ahead Of Schedule

The "New" GM will try to play the Lee Iacocca PR card by repaying $6.7 billion — of a total of $50 billion in government loans — ahead of the scheduled repayment date of July, 2015. » 11/15/09 11:31pm 11/15/09 11:31pm

Ed Whitacre: GM Chairman, Shameless Self-Promoter

GM's new chairman Ed Whitacre first made a splash pointlessly starring in a new GM commercial. Now GM's been forced to send out a release about an unimportant speech the Chief Self-Promotional Officer's giving at Texas Lutheran University. » 11/10/09 4:40pm 11/10/09 4:40pm

GM Partners With EBay To Auction New Cars

We always hear complaints about the new car buying process being antiquated and "old n' busted." GM's apparently seeking to change that as it emerges from bankruptcy by partnering with eBay for new car auctions. » 7/10/09 9:30am 7/10/09 9:30am

New "General Motors Company" Logo May Go Green?

According to the AP, the logo for the "New GM" (now called "General Motors Company") may change from blue to green to show Congress and the President consumers it's greener and focused on fuel efficiency. UPDATE: It's not gonna happen. » 7/10/09 9:00am 7/10/09 9:00am

GM’s Bob Lutz Reverses Retirement Decision, May Lead Global Marketing

According to Automotive News, GM's once-outgoing product czar's decided to stay on with the "New GM" as head of a newly-consolidated marketing and communications empire. Apparently, his Letterman interview was just that good. » 7/09/09 8:45pm 7/09/09 8:45pm

Federal Judge Approves Sale Of Good Parts To Newer Model GM

A federal judge approved GM's plan late Sunday to sell its best assets to a new, government-backed company — "New GM" — a crucial step in completing the automaker's trip through bankruptcy court and, you know, not liquidating. [NYT] » 7/06/09 2:00am 7/06/09 2:00am

GM To Lay Off 4,000 White Collar Workers By October 1st

As part of an already-announced move designed to slim down U.S. non-union employees 15% to 23,500, GM plans to eliminate 4,000 U.S. salaried employees via buyouts and retirement incentives by October 1st. [Bloomberg] » 6/24/09 2:30pm 6/24/09 2:30pm

Future Buick Enclave Spied In CBS News Spot?

While watching a CBS News segment on the future of GM, we noticed something lurking in one of the design studio shots. Could this be the next-gen Buick Enclave or are our eyes deceiving us? » 6/10/09 8:30am 6/10/09 8:30am

Edward Whitacre To Be Chairman Of "New GM"

Edward E. Whitacre, Jr., former chairman and CEO of AT&T, will become chairman of the "New GM" when launched later this summer. He will succeed Kent Kresa, another old, white man currently serving as interim chairman. Full release below. » 6/09/09 10:45am 6/09/09 10:45am

CNBC Takes Walk Down "Old GM" Memory Lane

Yesterday, CNBC inter-spliced their GM bankruptcy coverage with happier moments from the General's past (i.e., the 1950s). Either they were mocking GM or Kudlow was having another coke-fueled fantasy of Erin Burnett in an apron baking lasagna. [CNBC] » 6/02/09 3:30pm 6/02/09 3:30pm

GM Says Disclosure Of Financials Up To Shareholders

GM CFO Ray Young told a media conference call today that the new privately held company won't have to disclose financial statements. Instead, it will be up to shareholders to decide. You know, like the American people. Do American taxpayers get to vote? We say disclose. What say you? » 6/02/09 10:45am 6/02/09 10:45am