What's The Mystery Cadillac In GM's Money-Back Ad?

The CTS Coupe's coming next year, the ATS and STS/DTS-replacing Cadillac XTS are in the works, but in Ed Whitacre's 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee commercial, there's a Caddy peeking out from under wraps. But which is it? Find out below.


If we look closely at the 0:37 second mark of Ed Whitacre's 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee commercial, there's something that's definitely a Cadillac, but not one that's currently on the road. At first we thought it might be a CTS Coupe, but it doesn't quite look right. The headlights are all wrong, the turn signals on the wheel lip don't exist on the CTS, the fog lights are unfamiliar, and even more fundamental than that, the car seems to have a lower hood and a longer profile. It doesn't match up to the other art and science front-end designs — from either the XLR or the STS.

Are we looking at the very first public showing of the XTS? Nope. We're looking at the front clip of the "ATS" — a new 3-series competitor Cadillac's looking to debut in the next 18-24 months.

See it for yourself below.

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