GM’s Bob Lutz Reverses Retirement Decision, May Lead Global Marketing

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According to Automotive News, GM's once-outgoing product czar's decided to stay on with the "New GM" as head of a newly-consolidated marketing and communications empire. Apparently, his Letterman interview was just that good.


We called GM PR staff for a comment and got nothing. GM spokesman and chief communicator Steve Harris also declined to comment. Bear in mind this report comes after the The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Lutz would stay, but didn't identify his role.


Lutz said in February he would leave the company for good at the end of the year. He has been replaced by Tom Stephens as vice chairman of global product development while remaining vice chairman and senior adviser. Guess he'll get to keep that job. [via Automotive News]

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Bob is a great big slice of Old Detroit, when what really is needed is a big shot of new thinking. The Japanese have been eating Detroit's lunch for a long time now, and Bob was at the wheel for a fair amount of that. I'm not saying it's solely his fault, but I think Bob's experience and philosophy have proven to be insufficient to win the day.

Step down, Bob. You're a badass, we get that. You don't have to prove it anymore. Go fly your jet or something.