Ed Whitacre: GM Chairman, Shameless Self-Promoter

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GM's new chairman Ed Whitacre first made a splash pointlessly starring in a new GM commercial. Now GM's been forced to send out a release about an unimportant speech the Chief Self-Promotional Officer's giving at Texas Lutheran University.


How do we know it's not an important speech? It's at Texas Lutheran University way out in Seguine, Texas. I'm Lutheran and I live in Texas, and I forget Texas Lutheran University exists sometimes. Though to be fair to Chairman Whitacre, it's quite possible he's just shamelessly promoting his wife, who is a regent at TLU.

Buy hey, it'll be streamed live right here at 8:30 PM (EST) tonight and maybe, just maybe, he'll break some news. Go ahead, Ed, I dare you. Make alerting the world to your completely random and almost certainly unimportant speech somehow necessary.

GM Press Release

General Motors Chairman Ed Whitacre will speak to students and faculty of Texas Lutheran University tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET.Whitacre, who taught business policy at Texas Lutheran University in 2007 following his retirement from AT&T, will talk about the automobile industry and the global economy.
Texas Lutheran University will broadcast the lecture via live webcast. To view the lecture live, visit: http://www.stretchinternet.com/flash/player/tluadmin.html
Please note: the speech will only be available live. A replay will not be immediately available following the speech.

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I'm sure his many years of extensive automotive experience should lend enormous credibility to the content of his speech. #edwhitacre