Future Buick Enclave Spied In CBS News Spot?

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While watching a CBS News segment on the future of GM, we noticed something lurking in one of the design studio shots. Could this be the next-gen Buick Enclave or are our eyes deceiving us?

It's fairly obvious that this is a proposal for a large Buick CUV, but it's hard to tell exactly what model this'll eventually turn into given the conceptual nature and constant change within the automaker's design studios. Given that they've opted to build this in full size rather than as a scale model leads us to believe there might be something brewing here.


By the time 2012 hits the Enclave will have been on the market long enough for a mid-cycle refresh, but this don't look like no re-skin job, instead we're willing to bet that this is an all-new model based on a modified version of the current Lambda platform. With the Buick Enclave recently arriving in the Chinese market with some extensive modification, it's likely that this new model is being designed to appeal to a global audience with global safety and powertrain options in mind. It'll be some time before we know for sure, but it's always fun to speculate.

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It could be a Cadillac, no?

Look at the grill, the Buick grill is a little more rounded. This grill has the point at the bottom, and the wide strip across the top. To me, it looks similar to a Cadillac grill.