GM Says Disclosure Of Financials Up To Shareholders

Illustration for article titled GM Says Disclosure Of Financials Up To Shareholders

GM CFO Ray Young told a media conference call today that the new privately held company won't have to disclose financial statements. Instead, it will be up to shareholders to decide. You know, like the American people. Do American taxpayers get to vote? We say disclose. What say you?


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Honest Barry's OK New & Used Cars, Call BR-549.

Who the fuck would believe his books anyway? Obama will forever be remembered by real gear heads as the elitist intellectual douche who bungholed GM and Chrysler, then gave the leftovers to his buttbuddies. So all those fuckin' career government lawyers, ponzi schemers, and jismchinned wannabees who define success and achievement as plausible deniability, or by merely showing up and not getting caught, are gonna run GM and make a profit, eh? Most if not all of those fuckers never had a real job with any accountability, never changed a tire, never pumped their own gas, muchless managed a fucking dairy queen. Most got their fucking posts and postions thru nepotism and/or a thick line of BULLSHIT. Power status sex and greed, junkets, hookers and blow, stimuli, pocketing thousands, millions, billions, trillions of tax money, making the boss look and feel good no matter what, data point too low apply Pelosi transformation, polling shows... blah blah blah yadda yadda.