The Most Mind-Twisting Saves Of The Year, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Savies, where we look at the current candidates for the Save of the Year. The closer the death-defying call, the better. » 12/30/14 5:10pm 12/30/14 5:10pm

How To Get (Almost) Decapitated In A Formula Car

Formula Ford is like other formula race series, with tight racing, open wheels, and open cockpits. Here's how to nearly get decapitated in one. » 7/11/14 4:10pm 7/11/14 4:10pm

Extremely Close Call As Plane Nearly Runs Over Sunbather

The runway for the Helgoland airport off the coast of northern Germany runs right up to the beach. Here's what happens when a plane comes in for a landing a little bit too low. » 6/02/14 3:29pm 6/02/14 3:29pm

Unbelievably Lucky Racing Driver Cuts Through Entire Field Unharmed

BTCC driver Alain Menu may not need a trip to the hospital, but a trip to the underwear store might be warranted after this unbelievably lucky near-miss. » 4/20/14 11:00am 4/20/14 11:00am

WHOA: Loose Wheel Nearly Cleaves Race Car Driver's Head Off

In today's installment of 'holy crap I watched someone almost get his face caved in,' an IndyLights driver narrowly misses a loose wheel shooting inches from his helmet. » 4/14/14 1:15pm 4/14/14 1:15pm

Pedestrian Displeased When Two Cars Nearly Crush Him

Surveillance video shows this man nearly, nearly getting run over by two cars crashing and colliding right past him as he crosses the street. He doesn't look particularly happy about it. » 3/27/14 12:20pm 3/27/14 12:20pm

What It's Like To Be Caught In A Horrifying Life-Saving Car Crash

The driver of this car wasn't lucky — another driver careened into him at high speed. But take a closer look at the pedestrians crossing the street. » 2/25/14 12:40pm 2/25/14 12:40pm

Out-Of-Control Car Misses Man Changing Tire By Slimmest Margin

A dash cam video recorded an out-of-control car just barely missing a man changing his tire by thee absolute slimmest of margins. There's lucky, and then there's this. » 2/13/14 3:00pm 2/13/14 3:00pm

World's Greatest Masshole Nearly Crashes Into State Trooper

The Massachusetts State Troopers released this video of a speeding car coming within inches of smashing one of their officers to bits in Boston's O'Neill tunnel. » 10/15/13 10:27am 10/15/13 10:27am

Porsche Racer Spins Out In Front Of 29 Other Cars, Doesn't Crash

What happens when you spin out in the first turn of a GT3 Cup race, right in front of 29 other Porsches? Uh, not a lot, actually. » 8/12/13 10:20am 8/12/13 10:20am

You Won't Believe This Incredible Save

This is a "widowmaker" Porsche 911 GT2 on the Freies Bergrennen hillclimb in 2012. The driver loses the back end on the narrow mountain road. How he manages to keep the car out of a massive crash is beyond me. » 5/13/13 12:34pm 5/13/13 12:34pm

Watch A Porsche 911 GT2 RS Nearly Crash On The Nürburgring

When you spin out on one of the high speed sections of the Nordschleife, your chances for making it out unscathed are slim to none. Somehow, this GT2 RS driver did it, but he might need new underwear. » 5/08/13 1:44pm 5/08/13 1:44pm