We all know That Guy. This is the ultimate expression of That Guy.

Typically when someone like this goes out ultra-aggressive and spins on their first lap out of the pits, you just have a good chuckle at their expense and then they keep it together for the rest of their session. Not this guy. He loses control of his car four times in this video, which is just over one lap long.


The bizarre thing is, he doesn’t appear to be pushing it all that hard. Maybe he’s been sent out on the damp track on three-year-old racing slicks as a joke—rock hard tires with no tread to evacuate water on the track. Maybe there’s a mechanical failure on the car. Maybe he wants to learn how to drift, but can’t quite get the concept down.

No Control Racing posted this video on Facebook asking, “Is this the worst first lap of qualifying, ever?” If this is actually the guy’s qualifying lap, I’m a bit shocked that the track didn’t black flag him after the second or third spin.

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