If you’re looking to not crash your car, I would suggest not driving super fast on a road with slow traffic and idiot drivers. This Ferrari F430 driver missed that first lesson, but he did a good job dodging disaster anyway.

This guy, spotted by CarScoops and posting under his own name on YouTube as Eduardo Freitas, says he was on a test drive in Maranello when a car (that Mercedes A-Class on the right) pulled out in front of him without looking. There was only a few hundred feet between the two cars.

The car in front of me got in the road 50-100 meters in front of me without looking if there was anyone else coming. I only had this 50-100 meters to react. I braked as far as I could and then did the maneuver. In my home country most of cars don’t have ESP so I wasn’t braking all the time, but sure the ESP helped.I’m not saying that I was right, but I wasn’t the only one wrong. Even driving at the speed limit, I would not have enough space to brake


Lots of ABS braking followed, with Eduardo dodging first the A-Class, then another oncoming Mercedes in the other lane.

Again, if you don’t want to crash, don’t go nuts on a public road. But if you do have to take evasive maneuvers to avoid some other idiot other than yourself, you definitely want something with the agility and electronic stability aids of a Ferrari.


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