First Drive: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

BARCELONA, SPAIN — Five lugs good, four lugs better! The first two generations of Mazda MX-5 (nee Miata) made do with four wheel lugs in classic small-car fashion, but the bulkier third-generation car and its seventeen-inch rolling stock required the addition of a fifth. When early photos of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata… » 1/30/15 11:49am 1/30/15 11:49am

​These Are The Mazdas That Keep Our Beloved Miata Alive

We all desperately want Mazda to make the sports cars of our dreams. We've got one and we're constantly pining for another. But let's not forget that when Mazda was cranking out turbocharged RX-7s, it was also on the brink of yet another disaster, and among the things that saved them was making damn good cars for the… » 11/19/14 3:50pm 11/19/14 3:50pm

The Miata Family Photo

Cars started streaming in around 11am, by the time we arrived it was a zoo, every flavor Miata you've ever seen, spread over a hilltop on just North-West of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. » 9/06/14 12:18pm 9/06/14 12:18pm

​The 2016 Mazda Miata Is Packing A Lotta Gizmos

The Mazda Miata hasn't really been a stripped-down, bare-bones roadster for years, but for 2016 it's packing a raft of safety and convenience features, most of which should be optional. (We hope.) » 9/04/14 2:20pm 9/04/14 2:20pm

The 2016 Mazda Miata Is Almost Definitely Turbocharged

Late last night it was revealed that the 2016 Mazda Miata will first be seen on September 3rd. Mazda also posted this little driving video, and there is the distinct sound of forced induction. That's right folks, the 2016 Miata will be going turbo. » 7/03/14 9:35am 7/03/14 9:35am

OMG! 2016 Mazda Miata To Debut September 3rd!

Hey everyone! Mazda just tweeted out that the next generation of the greatest car ever made, the MX-5 Miata will debut on September 3rd! I can't even contain my excitement! » 7/03/14 12:27am 7/03/14 12:27am

The Miata was nearly a front-wheel-drive disaster

Seriously. When Mazda was developing what would become the best-selling sports car in history, the proposals included the rear-wheel drive roadster we all know and love (above and below right), a mid-engine MR2 knock off (below middle), and a front-wheel drive disaster (below left). Mazda made the right call, and the… » 2/11/14 4:46pm 2/11/14 4:46pm

We're going to drive this stupid Miata forever

This car has 324,000 miles on it. We bought it for $1,600, and we're going to drive it until the odometer rolls over. Want to help? We'll put you in the driver's seat. Shoot your ideas to millionmilemiata(at) » 1/09/14 1:36pm 1/09/14 1:36pm

These Are The Insane "Bubble Cars" From When Mazda Went Nuts 20 Years…

Automakers are at their best when they are at their boldest. Building unconventional cars, entering into markets that are new to them, trying their hands at a different form of auto racing, creating some ridiculous niche vehicle — that's when they make the cars that people remember decades down the road, even if they… » 12/29/12 12:00pm 12/29/12 12:00pm

1996 Mazda Miata: The Jalopnik Review

If you pose the question "what kind of car should I get" to anyone here on Jalopnik, the answer will invariably be "Miata," no matter what you need to do. Towing something? Miata. Date? Miata. First car? Miata. Moving to Alaska? Miata. » 12/24/12 12:00pm 12/24/12 12:00pm

The Future Is Grim In Looper, But At Least There Are Classic Miatas

Much of the new time travel/crime thriller Looper takes place in the year 2044, but it's not exactly an optimistic vision of the future. » 10/13/12 4:00pm 10/13/12 4:00pm

2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata Drops The Smiley Derp Face

The latest iteration of Mazda's KODO design language lands on the refreshed MX-5 Miata, replacing its Derpy smiling face with something slightly more aggressive. This upgrade is only for Japan now, but we're hoping and expecting it'll arrive here for the MX-5's next model year. » 7/06/12 10:00am 7/06/12 10:00am

Mazda gives MX-5 Miata a Porsche-like top for SEMA

Compared to the sprawling efforts of Chevrolet and Ford, Mazda is taking a fairly laid-back approach to this year's SEMA show with five cars: two MX-5 Miatas, two Mazda2s, and a Mazda5 sure to inspire lust in suburban dads. » 11/02/11 3:30pm 11/02/11 3:30pm

Behold, the Deutsche Racing Green Miata

Greetings, proud German owner of this first generation Mazda Miata. The sentiment is appreciated, but please note that the Miata is one of those rare Japanese cars based not on a German car but a British one. » 9/06/11 4:00pm 9/06/11 4:00pm

Custom bodied Miata for sale on Ebay

Always wanted the reliability and fun of a Miata but didn't care for the styling or naturally aspirated of one in stock form? If so, this 2000 Mazda MX-5 Miata fitted with an aftermarket body and supercharged engine could be the small roadster of your dreams. » 2/12/11 3:00pm 2/12/11 3:00pm

Mazda MX-5 Special Edition smilingly rolls into Chicago

Mazda will only build 750 of these MX-5 Special Editions, essentially loaded models with some special paint colors. Outside of an auto show, this may be about as close as you can get to the $30,000 version of l'il Smiley. » 2/09/11 12:15pm 2/09/11 12:15pm

2011 Mazda MX-5 Special Edition's a shiny silver goody bag

To mark the sale of 900,000 Mazda MX-5s and Miatas, as well as disguise the aging parts underneath, Mazda will offer a 750-vehicle special edition MX-5, with all the available suspension goodies and a limited-slip differential standard. » 2/08/11 9:10am 2/08/11 9:10am

EVO's Chris Harris calls Mazda MX-5 execrable

"Truth be told, I think (Mazda) MX-5s are, well, sh*t," says EVO magazine's Chris Harris, helping European car fans stay warm by building a nice flame war. » 2/07/11 11:15am 2/07/11 11:15am

For $13,000, The Daily Standard Awaits

Many of you use the Miata as Nice Price or Crack Pipe's baseline of value. Seeing as Mazda's sports car is the coin of the realm around here, what do you think of one for thirteen grand? » 12/29/10 8:00am 12/29/10 8:00am