Monster Fiat: What Would Carrozzeria Bertone Think?

When you're in Tennessee and you have a Fiat X-1/9 parked next to a Ford F350, what do you do? Why, you combine »10/08/08 8:00am10/08/08 8:00am them, of course! This 351M-powered creation needs some work to be a reliable daily driver (the brakes don't work, the fuel is kept in an old air tank, the engine runs badly because it's "cold natured" and so…

Have No Fear, Big Red Is Watching Over Woodward Avenue

Lock up your arsonists. It's Big Red, possibly the world's longest (38') and heaviest (29,960 lbs) monster truck in the world, parked at the corner of 13 Mile and Woodward Avenue for this year's Woodward Dream Cruise. The sign also notes Red is the world's only fully functional monster fire truck, which could prove… »8/18/07 9:00am8/18/07 9:00am

The Yeti! Monster Truck Rides on Tractor Tires, Unimog Axles

Whether or not you think the Himalayan abominable snowman is a hoax, this Yeti is as real as getting capped in the nuts by a sock filled with flour. It's the product of master fabricator Rex Bailey, who built the monster Dodge atop 76" tractor tires and Mercedes Unimog axles. As appointed, the Cummins diesel-powered… »5/23/07 11:39am5/23/07 11:39am