Ken Block's Gymkhana videos are proof of the amazing tributes to hoonage that can be created when you have a full race team, a professional camera crew and plenty of money from your sponsors to throw around. We're pretty sure this Polish hoon fest was created without any of these things, but it came out pretty cool anyways.


Focused around an E30 drift car, this video is certainly a little weirder than Gymkhanas, but we like it. Instead of Block's brand new drift car hooning in amazing locations, we are treated to an old BMW that has been turned into a drift car hooning in a parking lot filled with 50s cars. Before these Polish genius's are done they manage to include a Ford Torino drag race, a Monster Truck, an attractive Blonde flag girl and a Tank.


Sure the music isn't the best and the black filter gets pretty annoying, but we have little else to complain about from this weird and wonderful video. We'll be anxiously awaiting the next strange installment.

[Carscoop via GTspirit]

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