BMW’s Wacky New Names

BMW has trademarked new vehicle names including: i1, i2, i3, i4, i5, i6, i7, i8, i9, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, M50d, Urbanic, Gran Coupe, Compactive, and Compactive Tourer. Yeesh, what was wrong with 3-Series? » 3/26/10 1:00pm 3/26/10 1:00pm

Oh My, How Much Porsche Has Grown!

Remember the ultra-minimal Porsche Boxster Spyder from the Geneva Motor Show? This is how it stacks up against its 1950s predecessor, the Porsche 550 race car. » 3/26/10 9:00am 3/26/10 9:00am

New Civic Looks Like Godzilla Alongside Classic Hondas

Crumple zones, pillars stuffed with airbags, and fat people all contribute to dreaded model bloat and explain why this new Civic makes older Hondas look like Matchbox cars. (Hat tip to Electro Gyrocator) » 3/24/10 1:00pm 3/24/10 1:00pm

Why Can't You Get A Nice Basic Car These Days?

Remember the Chevette Scooter? The Tercel EZ? The Horizon America? A couple of decades back, Americans had a pretty broad selection of affordable basic transportation with zero frivolous gingerbread. Not these days. » 8/01/09 4:30pm 8/01/09 4:30pm

Take A Shot At The Model Bloat Limerick Contest, Win A Fabulous Prize!

During the last Jalopnik Haiku Contest, I threatened to make the next Poetry Deathmatch a limerick contest, so get those rhyming motors running! Today's subject will be Model Bloat, as exemplified by the Camaro's history. » 4/12/09 5:00pm 4/12/09 5:00pm

Model Bloat: How The Camaro Gained 827 Pounds Over 37 Model Years

Any vehicle model around for a while, no matter the form factor, has one thing in common with its peers: Model Bloat. Take the Camaro — 37 model years after inception, it's 827 pounds heavier. » 1/28/09 3:30pm 1/28/09 3:30pm