Remember the ultra-minimal Porsche Boxster Spyder from the Geneva Motor Show? This is how it stacks up against its 1950s predecessor, the Porsche 550 race car.

I know, the whole cars-are-putting-on-weight-like-dudes-on-bacon-and-cheddar-pies thing is old, but I saw in the flesh and photographed the Boxster Spyder and it’s tiny.

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Tiny like something you’d want to pocket, then outrun all the security guards. What to make of the 550 then? And it’s not even as shocking as a Honda S600 vs. a Honda S2000, where the ‘60s roadster turns the sub-Miata S2000 into an aircraft carrier.


Suddenly, the story of Hans Hermann slipping under a closed railway crossing at the 1954 Mille Miglia seems utterly reasonable.


Photo Credit: Porsche. Hat tip to Bulgogi Brothers.