Worst Trackday Video Ever? Z06 Driver Risks Life To Beat A Porsche

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That’s one way to win a trackday, bro.

One owner of a new Corvette Z06 (with the Z07 performance package) was apparently displeased with some internet futzing about the Porsche 911 GT3 being faster than his pride and joy.

Out at some track day he came across one such GT3 and decided his life (and that of his silent instructor) to hunt the car down. Here’s the ‘Vette-driving moron’s caption to his video.

The Corvette driver has two half days of experience of track time and the driver of the Porsche GT3 is a pro race car driver with a race team. You can see from the slipping that the Porsche GT3 is being taken to its limits. The Porsche GT3 driver ultimately waves us by after being repeatedly out handled and out horse powered by the 2015 Corvette Z06 Auto with the Z07 package. At the Fontana Raceway track


Commenters on this YouTube video and on CorvetteForum deny all of these guy’s claims, saying that the Porsche is very much not driven by a race car driver, and that this Vette driver is on Hoosiers, hence the added speed. I can’t verify either of those assertions, but I can tell you that both the Porsche and the Corvette are being driven like morons.


I don’t know what’s the most cringeworthy part of this video: the kiddy helmets, the hopeless and unheeded pointers by the instructor, the way the driver cusses out the car once it lets him by, or the way the driver just mashes the gas and lets his Z06’s automatic transmission and traction control cover up his mistakes.

If this was 50 years ago and this driver tried to do the same, he’d be upside down into a wall and on fire.


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