Le Mans 24hrs Photo Extravaganza

Wow. Le Mans is a special event. I’ve been to Spa, the Nurburgring and Silverstone for their respective 24hrs, but none of them come close to this in terms of a spectacle. I would implore anyone reading, if you can get there, go. 2016 dates are already announced and its such a special event it is well worth any amount… » 6/17/15 2:59pm 6/17/15 2:59pm

One Hour Until The Fourza 2.4 Hours Of Le Mans

CLICK HERE FOR LIVESTREAM. Our 2.4 hour long race at Le Mans in Fourza is one hour away. It’s too late to sign up at this point, but if you’re racing and need a refresher on the rules, click the link and read the post. If you’re not racing, watch us race on Twitch, the link for which will be posted very soon by… » 6/14/15 3:36pm 6/14/15 3:36pm

Why The Hell Would Anyone Watch A 24-Hour Car Race? An Explainer

It was at about 5:00 AM when even my cat, supposedly crepuscular, gave up and went to sleep. I could see his little cat brain trying to reason out what could cause me to stare at my laptop watching seemingly nothing happen for hours. It was a look of pity. If only I could explain to him what he was missing. » 6/12/15 3:18pm 6/12/15 3:18pm

The Sound Of The Ford GT Race Car Will Make You Crap Bald Eagles

If you’re already amped about the new Ford GT race car and America’s glorious return to the Le Mans race, this video will turn your brain into a bicep while making your blood run red, white and blue. Uh, in a good way. If you haven’t seen the car... just hold on to your butts and push play. » 6/12/15 9:48am 6/12/15 9:48am

The Porsche 919 Just Set A Qualifying Lap Record At Le Mans

Is this the year that ends the incessant Audi dominance at Le Mans?????????? Who the hell knows, really. But Porsche and a whole bunch of others are willing to take a stab at it, and so far the Porsche 919 is drawing first blood. It just set the qualifying lap record on the Circuit de la Sarthe at 3:16.887. » 6/11/15 5:03pm 6/11/15 5:03pm

Eight things you learn as a rookie racer at Le Mans

Marc Miller is nearly ready for his first appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The American racer has been hard at work preparing to co-drive the No. 53 Dodge Viper GT3-R at this weekend’s 83rd running of the legendary endurance race. Along the way, Miller has learned some important, and unusual, tricks to success… » 6/09/15 12:16pm 6/09/15 12:16pm

Renault Finally Does A 911-Fighting Alpine, But It Won't Look Like This

Renault wanted to have its own Porsche 911 for a long time, and while the Alpine project was halted by Caterham’s departure from the venture, the sports car is reportedly ready to hit the streets in 2016 after debuting at the 24 Hours of Le Mans followed by a run up the hill at Goodwood. » 6/09/15 9:30am 6/09/15 9:30am