Would You Believe This Lamborghini Espada Is A Jaguar E-Type?

In 1967, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph commissioned a show car from Bertone built on a widened Jaguar E-Type 2+2 chassis. It's an interesting concept, but what would Jalopnik commission today? » 3/16/15 12:40pm 3/16/15 12:40pm

» 7/24/14 8:09am 7/24/14 8:09am

Is Any New Car Weird Enough To Be A Modern Espada?

The Lamborghini Espada remains one of the coolest cars ever made. Why? Because it was a grand-tourer with room for four adults behind its supercar-grade V12 plucked from the Miura. Also, it had bizarre shooting brake/liftback styling. Is any car built today weird enough to match it? » 11/01/13 2:20pm 11/01/13 2:20pm

This Lamborghini Came With A TV And A Minibar In 1970

I'm sure the 1970 Paris Motor Show was worth visiting for all the French goodness it had to offer, but the most desirable piece of brilliance must have been the Espada show car, specially prepared for the event by Bertone. » 10/31/13 11:15am 10/31/13 11:15am

The Lamborghini Espada Makes For A Thrilling Road Trip

This latest edition of the Evo Diaries video series starts in exactly the right way: with the Lamborghini Espada's engine at full roar in a tunnel. If you're having a dull afternoon, that sound will wake you up better than any coffee. » 6/28/13 4:00pm 6/28/13 4:00pm

The most important Lamborghini that never was

This is not a cutaway illustration. It’s the Marzal, the most important Lamborghini that never was. The love child of 50 square feet of glass and half a Miura engine, it was the epitome of Lamborghini’s pre-supercar design philosophy. Last month, the only one made was sold for $2.1 million. » 6/16/11 10:30am 6/16/11 10:30am

The Bulls Ferruccio Lamborghini Named The Miura After

Namesake for not only the eponymous 1966 supercar but most Lamborghinis, noted by Hemingway and countless dead matadors, these are the cunning, ferocious Miura bulls of Andalusia. » 12/27/10 2:30pm 12/27/10 2:30pm

The Lamborghini-Engined Gullwing Minivan

A 455-hp V-12 from the Countach Quattrovalvole? A pair of gullwing doors? Minivans may be more boring than watching paint dry, but every rule has an exception. This is it. » 6/14/10 2:30pm 6/14/10 2:30pm

We Teach Batman How to Ferry Ladies in Lambos

Bruce Wayne has shown us it's possible to cruise with more than a single companion in a two-seater Lamborghini. Perhaps. But there is a more elegant way—worthy of both superheroes and mere mortals. » 11/25/09 12:45pm 11/25/09 12:45pm

Acura ZDX: Design, Deconstructed

Well into the second century of the automobile, new vehicles can't help but be a portmanteau of earlier designs. Even those that believe they're a new segment. Let’s see some of the recently-revealed Acura ZDX’s forefathers. » 8/18/09 9:00am 8/18/09 9:00am

Lamborghini, The Early Years: An Exclusive Gallery

In 1969, barely six years after its founding, a young Hungarian engineering student found himself at the Lamborghini factory. Presented here for the first time are his photographs of Miuras, Espadas and huge V12’s. » 7/03/09 3:00pm 7/03/09 3:00pm

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti: Track-Tested, V12-Powered, Kid-Approved

We have looked at Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even a Maserati wagon in our search for the ultimate family super car. Let’s wrap things up with the overlord of them all: the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. » 5/15/09 5:30pm 5/15/09 5:30pm

How The Stile Bertone Mantide Got Angular Rear Wheelarches

When Jason Castriota left Pininfarina for Bertone, it was like switching to Coke after a lifetime of Pepsi. Let’s examine a design element he’s started using that’s alien to Pininfarina but essential to Bertone. » 5/07/09 2:30pm 5/07/09 2:30pm

Maserati Quattroporte Bellagio Fastback Touring: The Ultimate Station…

The Ferrari 599 GTB seats only two, the 612 Scaglietti is big—but what if you have kids, dogs and elephant guns to carry? Enter the custom-built Quattroporte Bellagio, certainly not your daddy's station wagon. » 5/06/09 4:30pm 5/06/09 4:30pm

The Perfect Family Cars are Made in Italy With V12s Up Front

You don’t necessarily have to consign yourself to minivan hell when you have kids. Lamborghinis and Ferraris make for lovely ways to transport a growing family. Here’s how. » 4/23/09 4:30pm 4/23/09 4:30pm

Four-Door Lamborghini Estoque Bites the Dust

Lamborghini's canceled plans to build the Estoque, the ungainly four-door concept sedan named after a bull-fighting sword first shown last fall at the Paris Motor Show. » 3/23/09 8:30am 3/23/09 8:30am

PCH, Don't Settle For Imitation Lambos Edition: Wrecked Murcielago or…

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! Yesterday, the Warsaw Pact Hell Truck Projects ran just about neck and neck, with the trio of Romanian AROs beating the Soviet GAZ-69 in a 51:49 split. Today… well, after looking at all the … » 12/03/08 5:20pm 12/03/08 5:20pm

PCH, You Can Afford A Lamborghini Edition: 1970 or 1971 Espada?

Fiero-based Fierraris and Fieroborghinis are great (though the vast majority of you went with the Zimmer Quicksilver over the Fierrari in the poll), but a realistic-looking, V8-equipped Fieroborghini can run you over 20 grand. If only you could get a real Lamborghini for that kind of money... ah, but that's just… » 5/27/08 5:20pm 5/27/08 5:20pm