Bruce Wayne has shown us it's possible to cruise with more than a single companion in a two-seater Lamborghini. Perhaps. But there is a more elegant way—worthy of both superheroes and mere mortals.

There is a scene in Batman Begins which is both a wink to the Lamborghini cognoscenti and a gesture of the kind of machismo which finds close contact between women exciting.

Bruce Wayne arrives at a party in a black Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster, that most Batman of road cars, disembarks, and is followed by two stunning young ladies who both emerge from the Murc’s single passenger seat:

While a perfect adolescent fantasy and a testament to the Murciélago’s image as a pussy magnet, would a superhero really want to transport his female companions stacked?

And have them pummeled and beaten and crushed by the savage acceleration, their only cushioning each other’s silk-clad body?


In the film, Wayne’s companions end up having to cool their bruises off in a decorative pool, setting off a chain of events which will see our hero shamed in public, depicted as nothing but a moneyed oaf.

Thankfully, the kind people of Lamborghini have though of everything. Granted, their thinking is from back when Batman was a comic book instead of a motion picture franchise, but the decades have not corrupted their logic.


The elegant answer to Wayne’s need is very simply the four-seater Lamborghini Espada, shown here in a painting by Bill Klemm with room to spare in comfort for yet another companion:

Then again, good times do not necessarily require the presence of throngs:


Image Credit: Warner Bros., Bill Klemm, Balázs Fenyő