This Is Exactly How Much David Hasselhoff Likes KITT From Knight Rider

David Hasselhoff really, really likes KITT from Knight Rider. As well he should – not only did he co-star in the TV show with the car, but the Pontiac was totally awesome as it smashed walls and jumped things and went bleep and bloop. But if you never understood why it was so great, check this out. »10/10/14 3:47pm10/10/14 3:47pm


Photoshoot with KITT From Knight Rider And The A Team Van

I’ve been working on a personal photo series capturing movie and television cars (real and replica)for about 5 years now under the title “The Unicorn Project”. Most recently, I had an opportunity to photograph a replica A-Team Van and KITT from Knight Rider while I was in Los Angeles. These happen to be two of my… »8/01/13 5:08pm8/01/13 5:08pm

Lego Must Make These 80s TV Show Cars ASAP

I'm eagerly awaiting for Lego to release the official Back to the Future sets—note to Billund: you should make the RC model too—but I want more. I want all my childhood remade using Danish bricks (never mind that most of my childhood was actually made of Lego bricks). I really want all the sets above to be official:… »6/04/13 3:23pm6/04/13 3:23pm

K.I.T.T.-Driving Werewolf Murders Mexican Cheerleaders, You Can Dance In Blood!

Near as we can tell, this video for the Sonido Lasser Drakar »11/28/08 11:00am11/28/08 11:00am song "82 Pontiac Firebird" shows a wholesome-looking refrigerator-white 3rd-gen Firebird that turns into K.I.T.T. when the sun goes down; meanwhile, the car's driver becomes a , thirsty for the blood of the Badly Choreographed Cheerleaders. Thanks to for…

Circling The Wagons In Denver: Chevy Biscayne, Olds Cutlass, And Plymouth Suburban

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition »11/06/08 3:00pm11/06/08 3:00pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . I just got back from Denver, where I photographed a few cool old cars parked on the street, including a very nice early Mini… but you don't get to see that today. Instead, you get something…

NBC Picks Up Knight Rider For Full Season; Also, Here's A Massive Car Pulverizer

Terrible news everyone! NBC liked what they saw in the scripts they ordered »10/21/08 5:00pm10/21/08 5:00pm and have succumbed to the powers of the Dark Side, calling for an additional nine-episode set of . The result will be a complete season of awful green-screen effects, lackluster writing, unimaginative story arcs and blatant male demographic…