David Hasselhoff really, really likes KITT from Knight Rider. As well he should – not only did he co-star in the TV show with the car, but the Pontiac was totally awesome as it smashed walls and jumped things and went bleep and bloop. But if you never understood why it was so great, check this out.

Christopher Rutkowski with The Aficionauto never really got what made KITT so great, either, not the black paint, the light bar in the front, not the sweet yoke and instruments, not the mildly-dead voice, not the unyielding, unquenchable thirst for justice, so he employed the help of a few friends.

Specifically, he employed the help of Jennifer Catano, who owns a KITT replica, and the Hoff himself. Which is not bad, if you need that sort of thing explained to you.


(Oh, also, ya know, FULL DISCLOSURE: This one time I saw David Hasselhoff on the street. It was like a Greek god striding towards me, all leathery and tan and gold chains. I shall always cherish this memory.

That's it.)

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