Silver Arrows In Flight

Formula 1 racers Jacky Ickx and Hans-Joachim Stuck took to the streets of Monaco last May in Auto Union Silver Arrows Type D and C, respectively, briefly creating an eight wheel, 28-cylinder piece of history. [HellForMotors] » 1/17/11 9:00am 1/17/11 9:00am

It's 1967 Okay?

We were watching some random, modern F1 footage last night and started wondering if we were just idiots for not being into it. Then we ran across this segment on the GP at the Nürburgring back in '67 and realized that no, we weren't. This, friends, is damn-wonderful hairy-chested F1 awesomeness at its finest.… » 8/08/07 6:45pm 8/08/07 6:45pm

Tiny Jacky Ickx Texas!

We sort of beamed when Jacky Ickx called the assembled journalists at the R8 press reveal in Paris "beautiful." Well, at least two of us did. At least we don't think it was all the pink bubbly... Anyway we were bumbling around the dusty corners of the World Wide Web this morning and found this fun little trinket in… » 12/28/06 8:00am 12/28/06 8:00am

Jacky Ickx and Daughter Swap Leads

Jacky Ickx, we want to be you. Vanina Ickx, we're taking you to dinner during the Paris Auto Show and then begging you to move to San Pedro. Clear your calendar. Wanna know why? Check out this French Audi promo vid. Being Belgian has never looked so good. » 4/19/06 11:44pm 4/19/06 11:44pm