La Ronde Infernale: 24 Hours Of Le Mans 1969

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Scroggs has worked his magic again, ferreting out this great documentary about the 1969 24 Hours Of Le Mans.


Not only do you get Porsche 908s, Ford GT40s, and the like wailing through the turns; you also get the race-fevered crowds in their wine-soaked campgrounds, including women in those crazy proto-disco late-60s shades. Thanks, Scroggs!

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Inspired from this film:

There once was race en Francais

During Summer, it was June (maybe May?)

The girls wore big glasses

and had tres belle asses

And the men drove around all damned day.

The Ford GT 40 was fast

The Porsches weren't sure they would last

The Ferraris had louvers

to help with maneuvers

but the officials were left all aghast

Okay, my limmericks suck (it's late and I'm tired from getting ready for LeMons in two weeks), so I'll stop. But I thought this post deserved a stab at some special commentary. Very cool documentary; thanks for finding and posting.